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Throat Punch Coffee Co.

Number Thirty Espresso Blend

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The house espresso blend, named for the address of Number Thirty on Edinburgh's Dalry Road and what we serve in same said premises.

Based around our signature India Cherry Robusta but roasted just a wee smidge shorter, we blend this with two Indonesian coffees: Sumatra Mandheling, complimenting the Indian's caramel sweetness with earthy and woody notes, and the classic Brown Java's spicy, chocolate flavours.

This produces a full bodied, complex coffee that pairs especially well with textured milk - it makes a fucking tasty Espresso Macchiato or Cortado - but can stand alone in a pour over, too.



WHOLE BEAN: Grind yourself fresh at home.

FINE: Espresso Machines

MEDIUM FINE: Aeropress, Moka Pot, Stovetop

MEDIUM: Auto drip, V60, Pour Over, Chemex.

COARSE: French Press, Cafetiere, Cold Brew.