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Throat Punch Coffee Co.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend

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Crafted to replicate the taste and experience of the original Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, without the extravagant price tag.  Using a blend of coffees from across South America, one from Africa and of course, the original Blue Mountain single origin itself. 

This produces a sweet velvety body with medium acidity and notes of creamy cocoa and jasmine. This is not a coffee we would consider "on brand" for us, but holy shit if we weren't going to share it with you guys, for a limited time at least. 



WHOLE BEAN: Grind yourself fresh at home.

FINE: Espresso Machines

MEDIUM FINE: Aeropress, Moka Pot, Stovetop

MEDIUM: Auto drip, V60, Pour Over, Chemex.

COARSE: French Press, Cafetiere, Cold Brew.