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Throat Punch Coffee Co.

Ethiopian Djimmah Arabica

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Ethiopian Djimmah Single Origin 100% Arabica Coffee.

Origin: Djimmah / Sidamo; Democratic Republic Of Ethiopia
Harvest Periods: October to December
Altitude Grown: 800m -1200m above sea level
Production Process: Natural Dry Method
Soil: Mainly Volcanic / Part Sedimentary

This coffee is full-bodied and packs a big punch. Deep with rich mocha and earthy caramels. It's pretty good, for an Arabica. 



WHOLE BEAN: Grind yourself fresh at home.

FINE: Espresso Machines

MEDIUM FINE: Aeropress, Moka Pot, Stovetop

MEDIUM: Auto drip, V60, Pour Over, Chemex.

COARSE: French Press, Cafetiere, Cold Brew.