The 10 best home coffee grinders of 2020

The 10 best home coffee grinders of 2020

For those who give a fuck, we’ve compiled this short -but helpful- list of what we think are some of today’s best coffee grinders.

Grinding coffee at home isn’t just something you do to look down on other coffee drinkers; it’s an investment. These fucking babies save a lot of money in the long run, and buying whole beans is just better, since non-ground coffee keeps fresher for far longer.

These are the 10 (we actually can’t count any higher) best coffee grinders for home use:
#1 Baratza Encore
The Encore has been the standard choice for beginner baristas for years, and it has -somewhat surprisingly- stayed that way until now. For those who haven’t yet had a grinder, particularly an electric one, this grinder is one of the most accessible one in terms of ease of use and price range, for something that won't shit its pants in the first few months. If you’re looking for an easy choice in terms of not having to think too much, we strongly suggest this one.
#2 Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill
If you like using your hands (that’s what she said), a manual grinder like this one would be a great choice for you. The Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill is, nowadays, very popular among baristas. Tiny and easy to transport, this grinder comes close to professional quality and has a lot of room for customization of the grind size. A big plus is the fact that it features ceramic burrs, the absolute best material you could ask for in a grinder. If you don’t like ‘em big and thick (which is, indeed, what she said), this grinder is a great choice. The price is particularly attractive.
#3 Bodum Bistro
The Bodum Bistro has a minimalist design that makes it look cooler than most other grinders, has a high-quality receptacle for grounds that we are super thankful for, and works wonders. It has 12 different settings which allows you to play around a bit with the grind size and it works great for beginners. Should be noted that there are two versions; the “standard” and the “premium” one. The price difference is close to none, but the difference in quality is mind-blowing. Get the premium one.
#4 OXO BREW Conical Burr Grinder
The slick, shiny OXO BREW grinder is something of a happy accident; the design looks like they started with one idea in mind and changed it halfway. Fortunately, it turned out great - an ergonomic machine that can fit even in the most cramped of kitchens. It has 15 adjustable settings and stainless steel conical burrs. We like this one. It's shiny.
#5 Rancilio Rocky Espresso
The Rancilio is the ideal grinder, if you’ve got the money. It’s fucking expensive, but the grind is absolutely flawless. Not to mention it rarely ever breaks down, and if it does, Rancilio is happy to fix it. Few grinders compare to grinders made by these fuckers. Downside being it’s price. But, hey, what do you need two kidneys for anyway? The Rocky Espresso is made with top-notch durable materials, meaning that the grinder will last years without wearing down even the tiniest bit. It grinds directly into the portafilter for ease of use. Great for baristas and aficionados alike.
#6 Delonghi Dedica Grinder
De’Longhi is a titan of industry. This grinder is meant to be paired with the espresso maker of the same line (Dedica), and it has an all-shiny metallic surface which makes it look fancy as fuck. Not to mention it’s more durable and easier to clean. Like the Dedica espresso maker, this is built to be a medium-range machine; it performs better than average but it doesn’t have too many customization options. The digital display and portafilter attachment are a tempting bonus.
#7 Sage (Breville) Smart Grinder Pro
No list is complete without at least one Sage / Breville grinder. We chose this one because it’s such a good deal; it’s got a lot of customizable options, it’s super satisfying to use because of its display and controls, and it grinds beautifully. And the price is under £200. This grinder is great for those who enjoy having more options to choose from. And Breville never disappoints.
#8 Brim Electric Handheld Burr Grinder
...What the fuck is this shit? Please don’t get it.
#9 De’Longhi KG89
A more conservative line of grinders is laid down by De’Longhi, all of which work great and are a great choice both for newbies and initiates. The KG89 stands out as the best for those on a budget- a good choice all around. Too boxy, maybe? Depends on your taste, and your wallet. 
#10 KRUPS burr grinder
A grinder making waves recently for its efficient and consistent grind (the most sought-after quality in a grinder) that it yields. This grinder seems to be popular among home baristas and experienced users - despite having the price and general specifications of a beginner-level grinder. That should tell you a lot about its performance. Problem is they seem to be in short supply in the UK and Europe. If you see one, grab it. 
And that’s it. If you think we may have missed a good grinder for the list, feel free to let us know! We’re always looking for new and improved toys to pleasure ourselves with. If you disagree with any item on this list, get fucked.
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