Brewing coffee. While you travel.

Brewing coffee. While you travel.

Herein lies the finest coffee equipment for brewing on the move.  

If coffee and travel are your thing, then we’re sure that you’ve come across the issue needing a decent cup of coffee and receiving a steaming cup of bullshit. This is why we have scoured the web to find you the best coffee brewing travel equipment around. There’s no hidden information here, everything is as you see it, with the prices being accurate at the time of writing.


This AeroPress coffee maker can also be purchased with a tote bag, making it even easier to add to your travelling luggage and equipment. AeroPress are all about making coffee on the go, so it’s no wonder that their coffee makers are some of the best rated portable coffee travel equipment items around. There are several amazing features to this particular coffee maker, including rapid filtering, temperature control, and total immersion. The maker is lightweight but robust – much like the coffee you’ll be brewing with it!

Retail price: £29.99
Where to buy: Amazon, or Aeroporess website.

ESPRO Travel Coffee Press

This coffee press comes with a fitted double filter, and can keep your coffee warm for between 4 and 6 hours. Because this item is a travel press, it doubles as a thermos, allowing you to make and carry your coffee using the same item. The ESPRO filtering system is approximately 9-12 times stronger than the typical French Press on the market. This item also features a leak-proof lid, meaning you won’t have to worry about any spillages on your journey.

Retail price: £39.95
Where to buy: Amazon, or other online coffee retail stores (such as cannonballcoffee).

WACACO Minipresso

Prefer a quick hit of caffeine rather than drinking an entire cup? Look out for WACACO’s Minipresso; a portable espresso machine that’s compatible with Nespresso’s original capsules, as well as a few other popular brands. Pop a capsule in the holder, boil the water, add it into the water tank, and pump the mechanism for your coffee. No need for any batteries, electric, and several different accessories are available for this product – allowing you to enjoy coffee in your own way.

Retail price: £49.99
Where to buy: Amazon or WACACO’s own website.
BODUM Coffee and Tea Mug

This creation can hold 15 ounces (just under half a litre) of the coffee or tea of your choosing. The stainless-steel travel mug is completed insulated, and available in standard black or as a red acrylic piece. Simply add in your ground coffee or your tea and you’ll have a fresh cup of caffeine in just minutes. This French Press style mug benefits from a double-wall construction, keeping your drink hot or cold for hours at a time.

Retail price: £20
Where to buy: Amazon (this is an imported item from the US) or BODUM’s website.
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