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Throat Punch Coffee Co.

Equatorial Blend

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Just as it’s starting to get freezing out, we are bringing in the heat with a brand new limited run blend that is cosy and comforting like an old blanket but smells way better. Cue: Beans of various origins from around the Equator, coming together in mostly earthy and fruity notes. Taking a sip, you’ll notice a delicate hint of dark chocolate and toasted nuts, followed by a subtle undertone of red berries and citrus zest.

The new blend sits closer to our Number 30 Blend than our single origins. It is a balanced, unpretentious and grounded combination of flavours, that works fantastically in an espresso as well as in a batch brew. So let’s get into the notes!

Y’all know we love a robusta. For this blend we switched the Indian Cherry for Ugandan Robusta which brings in a strong, rich body, imparting a deep cocoa and smoky undertone that lingers like a Cranberries song. On top of that, The Rwandan Micro beans add a brightness and a unique sweetness, reminiscent of honey and floral notes, and together with the smooth, mellow, lightly acidic Brazilian Yellow Bourbon, softening the blend and making it more palatable to a wider range of caffeine addicts. The chef’s kiss, the finishing touch, is the Congolese Kivu beans with a clean and lingering aftertaste that evokes flavours of dried fruit and a subtle, woody note.

Overall, the newbie is a well-rounded blend, mixing together bold and delicate notes in a smooth, earthy finish. But there is only so much talking we can do, at some point, you just need to taste it.



WHOLE BEAN: Grind yourself fresh at home.

FINE: Espresso Machines

MEDIUM FINE: Aeropress, Moka Pot, Stovetop

MEDIUM: Auto drip, V60, Pour Over, Chemex.

COARSE: French Press, Cafetiere, Cold Brew.