2 photos below of what a duel-cable fuel pump system should look like in a Delica L400 2.8D. Take note of the green arrows. 

The following photos are from mine. The orange cable does not have anywhere to be mounted at either end.

The next image (thanks to Lewis from UK Delica Owners Club) shows the differences between his and mine. They appear to be totally different pumps

However, the body of the fuel pump has the part number ME201105, as shown below, which is the part number for the correct pump.


This is all very confusing, so to spice things up a little more, I have also found this rather important looking, loose electrical connection with a small metal plate attached, in the immediate vicinity.

Can anyone shed any light here? Does the orange cable even need to be hooked up? Is this the reason my overdrive isn't working? What is bacon?

Thank you for listening to my TED talk.