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Indian Cherry Robusta

Indian Cherry Robusta

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Indian Cherry Robusta. Throat Punch Coffee's Original Roast. 

Crafted from single origin South Indian Robusta coffee beans. Carefully selected and roasted here in the UK for maximum caffeine levels without sacrificing taste.


Produces a thick body and beautiful crema, with burnt sugar and maple aromatics, smokey wood with a smooth bittersweetness. A strong astringent, very full-bodied coffee with a huge shot of caffeine. Perfect for those who like to wake up to a haymaker to the neck piece, or just strong coffee.

India's Robusta coffees receive a high degree of care that other coffee producing regions simply do not provide. Cultivation, harvesting, and processing of the coffee is carried out in a way that emphasises quality over plant yield, using selective picking, meticulous sorting and grading. As a result of this effort, Indian Robusta coffees are some of the cleanest, high caffeine coffees in the world. Strong coffee UK.

Our coffee is packaged in 100% biodegradable bag (including valve) and biodegradable postage packaging. 

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