500g Colombian CO2 Decaf Single Origin Strong Tasting Coffee
Colombian Decaf Single Origin Coffee - 250g
Colombian CO2 Decaf
Colombian CO2 Decaf

Colombian CO2 Decaf

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Single Origin Colombian CO2 Decaffeinated Coffee. 

Crafted from single origin Colombian Arabica coffee beans. Naturally decaffeinated and roasted to order here in the UK, for a full flavoured coffee, without the caffeine.

Whether you have atrial fibrillation problems, out of this world anxiety, or just want a cup of coffee before bed, sometimes decaf is the only way. 

The CO2 decaffeination process we use is one of only two in the world that removes caffeine from coffee without the use of any chemicals. The process allows the beans to retain their flavour compounds intact, which means no longer do you need endure the jitters in order to taste great coffee throughout the day.  Nor do you need to endure the taste of sucking on an 19th century scaffolds plank pickled in battery acid for the last 200 years to experience coffee without the caffeine. 

This coffee produces a vibrant and complex flavour, a rich, round body with a nutty base. With a smokey chocolate sweet taste, it's pretty perfect if you enjoy the occasional bourbon biscuit. 

Our coffee is packaged in 100% biodegradable bag (including valve) and biodegradable postage packaging. 




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