Putting the OAT in ThrOAT Punch. And non-homogenised dairy milk. Here’s why…

Putting the OAT in ThrOAT Punch. And non-homogenised dairy milk. Here’s why…

When deciding on the plant-based milk alternative for your flat whites and lattes, most baristas will go with oat. And as much as we don’t like being a sheep, we followed this particular choice, as it is actually pretty justifiable.
Thanks to its thickness and creaminess, oat milk is the most similar alternative to traditional dairy milk. Moreover, it doesn’t have the distinct, somewhat intrusive nutty flavour of the other plant-based substitutes, it doesn’t curdle and it steams and froths pretty well.
As oats are carbohydrates, the milk is less fatty but can be on the sweeter side. These attributes largely depend on the make though, so we have done our homework, tested the brands readily available and landed on the legends that are Minor Figures.
These guys know not just their oat milk, but their coffee too! And it shows. Minor Figures took the route to create an alternative to milk for coffee making purposes, rather than simply imitate dairy. Their product balances well with the acidity of coffee, so it’s a yes for flavour and it’s also relatively easy to work with, so it’s a yes for the busy baristas too.


Minor Figures as a company are carbon neutral, which paired up with the fact that oat milk has been proven to be one of the most sustainable milk alternatives, was a no-brainer for us. In fact, we like them so much, we decided to resell their product in our Edinburgh shop too!

Minor Figures Barista Oat available in-store. £1.95

But it’s not just about the oats for us, we still like a bit of cow’s milk in our coffee too. But we are quite particular about what kind, so when deciding we were looking at several criteria which landed us on Mossgiel Farm Organic Milk.
Off the bat, we knew we wanted to support another local independent business. Check.
We also knew we wanted the milk to taste great, and this is where Mossgiel Farm came second to none.
We’ve first tasted Mossgiel Farm milk at the Glasgow Coffee festival, a couple years ago, when festivals were still a thing. And they sure have left an impression on us. No fuss, no frills, just damn good milk. We have compared it to other options since, but none tasted quite as awesome. This is what we could tell ourselves, but to seem cleverer we have done the research and figured out what sets them apart.
Mossgiel Farm do things old school. Rather than skimming the milk first and then re-adding the fat to hit the desired percentages, finished off with the ‘homogenising’ procedure to make the beverage consistent and mass sellable, Mossgiel keep things simple, pasteurise the milk and bottle it straight away. As a result, the quality, texture, and the taste of their milk is far superior to its competitors. The milk is still a natural product, and it doesn’t have the plastic aftertaste of supermarket brands.

We get it delivered straight to our door in glass bottles, which are cool but more importantly refillable, so the waste is largely reduced too. Basically, we’re just big fans of the milk. Can you tell?

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